Become a Board Member

CSUN APICS/ASQ is currently recruiting new, creative and driven board members. If you want to improve your leadership skills and get involved then don't be afraid to apply! Description of our positions are down below.


Board Positions


VP of Finance (Filled)


  • Document before semester begins current state of all financial accounts
  • Keep track of all purchases
  • Handle reimbursements
  • Handle budget for club
  • Research, reach out, set up fundraisers for club throughout the term

VP of Marketing (Filled)

  • Attend every meeting and take pictures during and after
  • Create flyers to promote meetings and events
  •  Update social media account 2x a week. With either promotions of future events, pictures of previous events, and/or posts about the current board members 
  • Responsible for presenting in classes and reaching out to professors to advertise upcoming events 

VP of Technology (Filled)


  • Update the website weekly to ensure everything is accurate and up to date
  • Keep website calendar up to date with upcoming events and meetings
  • Post updated pictures and flyers when needed

VP of Membership and Recruiting (Filled)


  • Will organize all recruiting efforts needed
  • Students must present in class and table sit.
  • Generate monthly reports of student membership - club membership & APICS/ASQ membership
  • Send emails reminding members of upcoming events

VP of Student Development (Filled)


  • Reach out to, schedule, coordinate with professionals and team to host meetings
  • In charge of setting up, picking up food and hosting every meeting